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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Why Is a Custom CMS Better Than Wordpress

For all your content management and handling issues, you have two main options to consider. These are the content management systems on the one hand and WordPress on the other hand. While these approaches are similar to a large extent, they do exhibit some inherent differences that affect how they operate.

Why Is a Custom CMS Better Than Wordpress

Notwithstanding these differences, the custom content management system is no doubt the better of the two options. Several advantages accrue from the use of such a system over and above the many alternatives that exist at the moment. Our discussions here below endeavor to shed more light on them.

Why Is a Custom CMS Better Than Wordpress or Sitecore?

Exceptional Back-end Support

Overall, content management systems enjoy exceptional back-end support. These systems are availed and provided for by partners that are well-knowledgeable in the field of content management. They are usually on standby to offer support and provide clarifications if and when they need to do so arises.

Why Is a Custom CMS Better Than Wordpress

The same might never be said of the SiteCore and WordPress. They basically leave a user to his own devices. Simply put, they let the user handle all of his operations singlehandedly by use of the tools that are provided for. Hardly does the user receive any form of support even when things are thicker.

Unbridled Security

WordPress and SiteCore are both open-source resources. That means that everyone can access its codes. While this may be awesome for matters of affordability, they are not good when it comes to security. The chances of infringing on the security of the users are rife with them.

Why Is a Custom CMS Better Than Wordpress

The codes of a custom content management system, on the other hand, are concealed from the view of the users. As such, they are more secure and are hence unlikely to suffer any insecurity breaches as is the norm with the other systems we have already discussed. Thus, they elevate you in a state of utmost peace of mind.

Awesome Speed Levels

SiteCore and WordPress are generally used by many people world over. The influx of users definitely takes a toll on the speed and overall performance of the systems altogether. This, in turn, slows the entire system down, a fact that renders the same ineffective insofar as discharging the required ends is concerned.

Why Is a Custom CMS Better Than Wordpress

The exact opposite, however, applies to the customized content management systems. They are largely customized and tailored to the exact needs and desires of a given user at a time. That sees them host fewer users at a time and thus improve their speeds considerably.

Unimpeded Client Input

When all is said and done, the comfort of the clients matters a lot when it comes to the choice and use of these systems. All factors considered the content management systems are the more client-friendly of the two kinds of systems. They allow for a more direct client input than the two remaining systems.

Why Is a Custom CMS Better Than Wordpress

Moreover, it also allows for more options for use and support. WordPress and SiteCore are somewhat rigid. The options they confer to any user are limited in scope and somehow tied to the resources they have to offer only. That makes them less effective in handling customer issues.

Customization Possibilities

As its designation implies, the custom content management systems are modifiable to suit them to handle particular individual tasks. This definitely is a huge advantage as it is some kind of a blank check. It gives you the leeway to determine exactly how to devote it to your use.

Why Is a Custom CMS Better Than Wordpress

Its use is hence a sure way of yielding some comfort and convenience in times of use. This stands in sharp contrast with the two other systems that are in vogue. They are rigid and less free to use. You have to limit your expectations purely to the benefits they potentially bring along.

Relevance to Tasks

Also stemming from its customizable trait is the fact that the custom content management systems are largely more relevant to the tasks which they are intended and used to handle. As such, they bridge any gaps or inconsistencies that may exist between these two competing and often at odds applications.

Why Is a Custom CMS Better Than Wordpress

It hence goes that using them to handle your chores is a sure way of minimizing any hassles that end users are often bound to arise with use. The two others i.e. SiteCore and WordPress are largely out of place when it comes to the finer details to handling finer details.

Higher Performance and Integration

Due to their customizable and secure natures, the custom content management systems deliver higher performances and integration. They are for a large part able to handle and facilitate a host of applications and issues that are way beyond the scope of the two other systems we have talked of.

Why Is a Custom CMS Better Than Wordpress

To add to that, such a system generally operates at a rate that is faster and more reliable than WordPress or the SiteCore. You can never rely on the latter two if all you want is to handle your customer complaints within the shortest times possible.

Comprehensive Scope and Approach

Owing to the fact that you may customize the content management systems to your precise needs and expectations, they are better placed to give forth the fringe benefits of comprehensive scope and approach. This arises mainly by the fact that you may alter its shape and functionality to meet the unique needs you have in mind.

Why Is a Custom CMS Better Than Wordpress

With this system firmly in place, you may be sure to handle all of your tasks under one roof and in a way that is on the whole pretty effective. That, of course, spares you from the need to look elsewhere for your purposes and is also a sure way of cutting down your operational expenses.

Maximum Versatility

Apart from being customizable, content management systems are also highly versatile. That means they can be paired and attached to many other like-minded systems and applications. Examples of these are databases, cloud services, and other hardware besides computers and monitors. The benefits that stem from this are many.

Why Is a Custom CMS Better Than Wordpress

Chief among these is the fact that you may perform as many relevant tasks as can be without necessarily leveraging many software applications. Then comes the reduced hassles you will ordinarily have to go through to have your way at all. Why would you want to pay more and put in extra effort to have your way at all?

Relative Ease of Use

All customized systems are generally easier to make use of. They are tailored to your unique expectations and needs. You simply alter their appearances and functionality to line up with the specific needs you may have in mind. Other than that, the systems also give you the leeway to simplify the diction you use.

Why Is a Custom CMS Better Than Wordpress

You might never say the same things with WordPress and the SiteCore. They are rigid and demand that you learn them as well as the languages they use. That may call for the investments of some of your time and money, something which is definitely time-consuming and confusing.

Unparalleled Flexibility

Customizability goes hand in hand with flexibility. Put differently: if you can customize a system, you can bend and make it flexible enough to use to meet your needs. By their nature, the custom content management systems are highly flexible. In light of this, they may handle many tasks outside their core scopes with ease.

Why Is a Custom CMS Better Than Wordpress

We can never emphasize the benefits of this trait of flexibility. From reduced incidences of time wastage to the reliable manner in which they execute the desired tasks to the proper handling of any issues that arise, and so on. You have it for your own unique ends and use.


From the foregoing explanations, one thing stands out. That the custom content management systems are the better of the two options. They are superior in almost every other aspect or regard besides being the more expensive of the two. If I were in your shoes, I would prioritize them big time.

Why would you want to forfeit the many superior advantages that the system of this kind potentially brings along? We are here for your help and support. Our long stay in business coupled with the expertise we have gained all along makes us better placed to do a better job.


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