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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Why having a digital presence is important

In the immediate world that we are living, your business needs to be online. Though some business owners tend not to believe in the digital or online platform since they are a brand and can sell their products and services wherever whenever. Some customers too do not believe or like using the online media to get products and services since they believe in going to their designated place to personalized services.

This can only apply to big companies that have brands and the company name sells. For upcoming, new business owners or even the brands, it is good to take your business into the digital platform. With the technological world, we are in, taking your business digital can help the upcoming business owners to grow brand names and expand further. Technology is making customers shop online, learn about your business by visiting your website, goggle location, and direction among others.

Why having a digital presence is important

To survive and prosper in the business world if you are a small business operator or a beginner, you need to go digital and open digital platforms' where you can meet and engage your customers directly or indirectly. Such platforms that will make your digital presence effective are; a website that will act as your online home. All your business details will be on the website since it will say all about you.

Start a blog that will help create an audience and trust between you and your customers. An email that will help drive sales and build a relationship between you and potential customers. Have a social media account that is active and be active in social media as this will help extend your reach and provide excellent service to your customers and make customers feel appreciated. After doing all these you must be active on your social media sites and try to be engaging with customers as much as possible.

Being in the digital presence will be important to your business in the following ways as listed below;

Why your business should have a digital presence

Easy access

With your business details being online, it is easier for customers to go to your website and get all the details regarding your products and services. In case you have new products in your store, you can place them on your website so that your customers can easily get to know what is new in your store. You can place each product with the price in it so that your online customers can know how much they cost and order for them from there.

Why having a digital presence is important

With your business details online, it is easier for customers to get to know your location through the use of goggle maps. This may help the passer-by customers that may be around your physical location get what they want without taking too much time of maybe moving from one store to another.

It helps you establish your brand in the market

An impression is always good in the business world. A very good impression of your products on the digital platform will help you get more customers. With a digital presence, you can control your image and customers' impression of you. Most customers like products that are more vivid and easier to understand their use and other alternatives with their benefits if available in your store.

Why having a digital presence is important

If you have a good image, your impression of the customers becomes more appealing. This will help increase your customer numbers. Increased customer numbers lead to more product sales, more profit, and the creation of your brand in the market world locally and globally.

It helps act as your virtual office

With the creation of a website, this in most occasions becomes the place where most customer issues are sorted within a very short period.

Why having a digital presence is important

Customers like to purchase goods they are most conversant with. They may ask more questions about the products, like their use, benefits, price and other issues they have come across while using some of your products. Instead of them coming directly to your store as it may be distant and expensive to come, your website will act as their information center since online media has no boundaries geographically. This will also help your business sell across the world.


It helps in your business visibility

Having a small business that is starting can never be known everywhere all the time. But with a digital presence, your business will be able to bring hundreds of thousands of customers closer to you. With them closer to you, your products and services will have attracted a very large audience creating a big customer base.

Why having a digital presence is important

If you have many customers across the globe your business will grow and the numbers of people following your social media platforms will increase making your business visible to thousands of potential customers across the universe.

Instant accessibility and availability round the clock

Most business entities may not be able to operate all round the clock daily, that twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days. Small businesses may be operating for 10-14hours a day, but with a website, your customers will be able to read, comment, order and purchase your products any time of the day.

Why having a digital presence is important

Time zones differ across the globe and some of your potential customers may come from a different time zone, this will help market your products and services round the clock leading to more sales and increased customer numbers making your business grow.

It helps do away with traditional ways of marketing

Old school ways of advertisement like the billboards outside your business premise may only be able to get to your local customers only. For small business owners, it may be expensive and all the products may not fit into the billboard. 

Why having a digital presence is importantHaving a digital media like your website may help advertise your products and services both locally and globally. Other services like commissions and promotions will get to the customers easily and spread within a very short period.

It is cost-effective

Putting an advertisement outside your shop and billboard may be too expensive as there is more cash involved to make this happen. To get an outdoor advertisement, you have to pay the local authorities to get operating licenses. And this may take a lot of time and not reach so many people.

Why having a digital presence is important

With digital media, all you have to do is to upload all the information on the website. This will cost less money and save you more time too.

It makes your business more credible

Living in the digital world as we are currently, most customers are knowledgeable and they always do their research of whatever they need. Most customers like to buy their goods and offered services from a credible and reliable business entity. They do their research online.

Why having a digital presence is important

With the lack of a website, you will lose more potential customers as they will go and get similar products and services from another place. This is because most will consider your business not to be credible and reliable.

It makes your business competitive.

With continuous changing trends in the business world, the digital presence is important as it helps you get the right knowledge on market trends right on time. Certain products may not be selling in some areas or not available but by the presence of digital media, it will make you be up to date.

Why having a digital presence is important

While engaging with the customers some information on products and services available from your competitors within your locality or other areas will get to you. This will enable you to improve your game and be more competitive.


Having a digital presence is important because it makes your business easily accessible, makes it competitive, credible, more cost-efficient and easily accessible among others. lack of digital presence may be costly to small business entities as they will knowledge of what is in the market from other competitors use more time to do their business


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