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Are you in need of IT services for your business without the hustle of creating a whole IT department? Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered

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What is IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing is when you hire a 3rd party company to handle all of your IT needs. Outsourced IT services are when you hire an outside company to handle your IT needs. We cover everything from the security of networks and the implementation of operating systems to the installation of software and the backup of your files.
What does IT outsourcing entail

We build a partnership with your company/business, constantly monitoring your network for a monthly fee. We are there to keep your network running smoothly, not just to fix problems so that you have more incentive to find a fast, reliable solution if something does go wrong. We neutralize threats and fix issues as they happen. Solving a problem as it occurs means less work for you.
When should you consider outsourcing

Are you spending too much on IT? Is your system outdated and vulnerable to cyber-attacks? Is IT affecting your business operations? Then these are definite signs that you should outsource your IT services. We will take care of all of your IT-related issues so that you can focus on the business operations to ensure that everything is running efficiently
What IT services can you outsource

Here at TSM, we have IT professionals that will take care of your application support or management, help desk or technical support, web hosting, database management and development, telecommunications, hardware/software and or network installation, disaster recovery, incident response, data center management, cloud services, Email management, cybersecurity or threat protection and many other IT functions that may not be included in the list. We are your one-stop solution IT-outsourcing service
What are the benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing includes a wide variety of benefits which include; reduced labor costs, predictable budgeting, all-encompassing expertise, quick implementation of new technology, reduced risk, compliance and security and most important of all, you will get to focus on your core business

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