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Innovative and Safe Next Gen Payment Methods for Businesses
The rapid evolution of the financial technology industry has increased the preference of consumers to pay using their smart devices, taking advantage of features like buy now pay later(BNPL), contactless payments, and cryptocurrencies. The pandemic ...

Author: Hudson Kimaru

How can CRM Software help boost your sales and profits?
The traditional process of managing and tracking customer relationships not only involved a lot of manual work, but also meant that the information was not properly distributed across the business leading to missed business opportunities. The intr...

Author: Hudson Kimaru

Why Its Better to Have a Website vs Social Media
In our digital world where online marketing is so important for a business' success, having your own website is a must, even if you've already built an online audience through social media. Social media pages have limitations that are out of your con...

Author: slouisesmith86

How To Build A Website - A Complete Guide
Hello, before we start with this, I want to present you a new great CMS - Tesames and here is the link so you can click and visit the website: https://www.tesames.com So you are here right now because you are interested in how to build a website, am...

Author: James Fleming

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