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Home Theater Installation Services

One of the most convenient and immersive ways of enjoying meetings, streaming, film, and gaming is by installing a home theater. Whether a huge media room or a simple idea to renovate the basement, having home theater systems installed can help you transform your space into the most memorable setting for either business or entertainment purposes.

Home Theater Hardware

Geek Computer continues to be Topeka’s leading supplier of home theater hardware accessories, that being inclusive of our integration services. With our huge selection of home theater system supplies, setting up your entertainment space is going to be easy.

Home Theater Software Solutions

We believe that the best home theater system will bring your entertainment experience to life with a beautiful interface, endless features, and ease of use. Our clients always get the ultimate entertainment experience. We do it all and we know exactly what you need.

School Stage Lighting

Some of the best schools want to turn their basic school halls into an aesthetic environment- an amazing place for the kids to put on their productions. If you are equipped with the right stage equipment and lighting, you can make the school stage something to constantly marvel at. Geek Computer can do this for your school.

Theater and Stage Communication

We all know yelling won’t work. But our wireless talkback systems will. They are very important for establishing communication between the members of any production team. Be it a church, school production, sporting event, rally or everyday business, our team of professionals can provide you with the most invaluable conversation tools for any small to mid-sized production.

Stage Management Systems

The main hall might not function as well as it should if there is an absence of a full-blown stage management system. It is normally networked to every area of production: rehearsal stages, ballet areas, and dressing rooms. For better performance, we ensure that the control platform of our stage management systems is handled by the best technology we have.
Get the Best Home Theater Services Working With Us Working with Geek Computer is an investment for your entertainment purposes. Our team of designers and engineers are always on standby to provide the ultimate home theater experience. Moreover, every equipment we supply is from the best supplier in the market. You can’t go wrong with us. We will give you a comprehensive list of the things you need from the brands we trust to provide the best possible experience. Contact us today.