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Eunice Njuguna is a professional freelance writer with over 7 years of experience. She has great expertise in writing in-depth content on technology and digital marketing. Her work has appeared on online sites like guidingtech.com, probusinessgrowth.com, and thriveglobal.com. She has also appeared as a featured writer in the Women of Nate(WON) newsletter, Volume 2.

She is certified by HubSpot and Google Digital Garage as a content marketer - you can view both credentials here on LinkedIn. The learnt skills have boosted her ability to execute complete digital marketing plans. They have helped in the planning, analysis, and implementation of campaign ideas.

As an active digital marketing writer, she has taken the time to move with trends that place websites at the top of search engines. Her research skills, and SEO expertise has helped in the short and long-term growth of businesses. She has worked closely with various B2B and B2C brands to increase their online visibility and boost ROI.

She loves technology. Previously at Guiding Tech, she wrote how-to articles focused on workable ways of solving most device errors. Her work included tips, tricks, and advice on common Windows and Android problems.

At geek-computer.com, Eunice focuses on creating guides, troubleshooting, and explainer articles. She covers all categories on Windows, iOS, and Android. She also creates content on Smart homes, System Builds, Home Appliances, and Game Console. 

Her interest in technology started at an early age. With the help of her father, she learnt the components of most home appliances. Normally, when she wasn't helping at her fathers electronics shop, she'd be somewhere dismantling her family's only sound system. 

Just before her entry into freelance writing, Eunice worked as a finance consultant at a computer store. Her great interest in tech writing, helped her earn a spot as a part-time translator of complex computer terms into simple words. She also earned a position as a junior member on the tech advisor team in the company.

As a professional freelance writer, Eunice offers services in tech blogging, ghostwriting, and copywriting. She's an avid reviewer, and enjoys testing tools and giving honest opinions on functionality. She uses most of this knowledge to inform her writings.

Additionally, she's a junior school coach. She trains students on effective ways of utilizing technology for education. Even with her focus clearly put on creating outstanding content for Geek Computer, she spares time to steer students towards greatness. She's also keen on online safety. She trains and also spends time learning better ways of staying safe on the internet. 

When she isn't writing, Eunice spends her time in the kitchen. She loves trying new recipes and making a mess out of it. Her love for food inspires her travel diary. She likes visiting different holiday destinations and learning new cuisines. She loves the beach, and the feel of sand on her feet is always a welcome idea. Apart from food and travel, she's an avid DIYer. Her dog probably has the most number of toys from her numerous DIY projects. 

Eunice Njuguna

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