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Hello there, 

This is Tithi from India. I'm an SEO-friendly content writer experienced in technical blog writing. Throughout my life, I've always found an interest in writing. This is why I decided to pursue my professional career as a content writer. I never knew this profession even existed! 

However, once I completed my graduation and started looking for jobs, I found my dream career. Soon, I joined a digital marketing company in India to learn more about writing blogs, articles, and many more. I worked there for two years and got in-depth knowledge of SEO, blog writing, technical writing, etc. 

Later, I decided to work as a freelance writer as this suits me best. I don't like to work 9-5. Rather, I enjoy writing on my own time and a freelance career only gives me the best chance to do it. Also, there is a variety of niches out there. So, I decided to opt for technical writing as I prefer to write naturally to help readers give a solution to their problems. 

As a technical writer, I mostly enjoy the research part as I can do it on my own. Also, I love writing about computers since it intrigues me the most. So, I know exactly what it takes to make a piece of writing engaging for humans and optimized for bots. After all, optimizing it for bots is as important as optimizing it for humans. 

Here are some of the key points about me:

Flexibility: I'm always flexible at my work. I don't like to take strict judgments based on my own learnings. Rather, I try to discuss things and take superior advice if needed to allow the work to go smoothly. Also, it's important to follow the advice at times to come up with a better solution. So, I don't believe in thinking rigidly. 

Ready to Learn: I love learning new things every day. In fact, this is why I love writing technical articles as you can discover new things or solutions every time you write. This is what makes me a better writer, I guess! Learning new things is also important as a writer because the digital world is ever evolving and we have to keep moving with it to understand how the user's preferences are changing and how to give them the best write-ups. 

Ready to Skill UP: Learning new skills has always been my forte. As much as I enjoy learning new things, I love leveling up my skills. After all, in today's work, skill is the most important thing that helps us stay ahead of the competition. Especially, as a freelance writer, I've had to level up my skills to cut through the overly crowded market. 

So, yeah, this is about myself and my journey as a writer so far. I hope I can provide the best write-ups that help our readers and provides them with a solution rather than confusing them with too much information. I will try my best to provide as much in-depth information as possible and write in a simpler way. 

Tithi Raha

5/12/2021 3:04:26 PM


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