Collaborative Solutions


Many of our clients don't fully know what a full solution look like or need help finding the best path. This is related to many complex issue that are nested with the in solution architecture. As a consultant we specialize in finding a way to break those issue down into phase and to be trackable based on objective deliverable.  


Building proof of concept and test cases are essential for further developing a well rounded solution. By providing different paths to our clients we provide a glimpse of what is possible and help them come to a conclusion as to what is the best path to move forward in a stable and reliable way.


When a decisive path is choose creating a project road map with due dates as an plan of actionable task for the team to work on the project until completed. This allows a measurable process that can be track so leadership knows progress is moving forward on timeline that works for your company needs.

Knowledge Transfer

We pride ourselves on making it so your business no long needs us.  Our solution are meant to support you until you are able to handle the work load and understanding of why a solution was chosen with buy in from all parties.  Your success is our primary goal at every state of the project.


James Fleming



GURU Solutions was created in 2004 as a 3d application development solution. At that time we only created 3d rendering for visual modeling of an environment. Since this time we have grown into a fully capable business model that focus on business needs including database, software, and organization logic.  We have developed many project like financial application, full blown ecommerce web platform, and interface for PLC robotic controls integrated with 3rd party application such as mobile devices.