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Greetings and welcome to my profile.

My name Is Brian Mwangi, a Bachelor's In Industrial Chemistry Student, as well as a Lover of Content Creation.

I am Invested In reading as well as writing articles from time to time.

My hobbies Include Playing Basketball,Writing,and partly swimming.

I am very outgoing and love to experience new things.

I have a background in business as well and have previously attached In a business firm.I 

am currently pursuing Industrial Chemistry at Mount Kenya University, but I am looking for 

Opportunities while still In school to avoid Tamarcking once I'm through with My studies.

Industrial Chemistry has always been my passion other than writing, hence why I decided to pursue It as a Career Opportunity.

Writing on the other  end allows me to showcase my skills and capabilities, while at the same time allows for my creativity to peak. I am Very Industrious and tend to be equally as  motivated In everything I set myself up for. I as well tend to refer to myself to be a fast learner,as mostly everything I do Is based on apprenticeship.

In Future,I Intend to try out different opportunities as well especially In the line of Business administration, as I have previously been part of that and really loved working the part.I am a firm believer of we only live once and therefore, everyone should try doing at least a little bit of everything and not live with regrets or thoughts of I wish i did.

Being the Second born In a family of two really puts you In the shadow of your elder Sibling, and that gives me even more reason to get up and try everything.I would also love to give young boys a safe space where they can vent to their peers, as well as support one another.

Currently, I totally feel like the boychild has completely been forgotten In the call to Empower young girls and Women In general, and therefore I would really love to do something nice for them.Men are not allowed to Cry or even vent, and this has really led them to have a lot of unresolved Issues within themselves and that later manifests on the outside.

People treat you according to how they feel about themselves, and In most cases our young Men have a really bad track record of treating Women terribly.It actually starts from a very young age where they feel like they cannot talk to their guardians about their feelings, and as a result, all that anger Is built up. As much as we are fighting for our young girls and Women In general, let's not forget to uplift the boychild and save an Upcoming generation from resentment or anger directed to the opposite gender,all because they feel like they have more favoritism.

I really look forward to coming up with Unique content that's really precise and Uplifting and hopefully reach lots of people globally.

Brian mwangi

3/24/2023 5:48:14 PM


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