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How to add an article to the CMS

How to request and create a new article

Login CMS /login.

Your Username and Password can be obtained in the Facebook chat or support email.

When you log in, you will arrive at your console screen.  Locate the navigation, currently, this is a menu button in the center of the screen at the bottom.

From here select "Find a Job"

This will take you to the "Roadmap" screen.

From here you can "Request Job"

This will send a notification to the content editor saying you have requested a job, for a faster response you can also mention you request a job in the Facebook group chat.

Once you either get an email message confirming you have been approved, been told in Facebook chat, or see the objective on your console screen you may begin.

Once you have your agenda objective you will want to go back to the menu and select "Create An Article"


Select "Create An Article"

From here you will need to follow the on-screen steps and read the context of each section.

Once you have created the content you will select the Deliverable button.

You can now ask for a review in the Facebook chat or wait for our scheduled day for review which as of right now is every Wednesday.