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As one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the world, we provide expert technology services for thousands of users worldwide. We are located in Topeka, Kansas.

We are scouting for an experienced and competent Monetisation specialist to join our dedicated team. With the responsibility to accelerate revenue growth and provide memorable services to our users, the Monetisation team serves a core purpose in the business. We are a fast-paced company, constantly optimizing and improving our business and services to hit every business target. This entails working closely with the whole team.


• Strategize, develop, and execute day-to-day promotions and/or events that boost the business KPIs.

• Customize and utilize strategic plans that lead to achieving business targets.

• Have an undivided focus on quality engagement and customer retention to maintain high value and competence.

• Work hand in hand with the leadership team and any assigned team, including editors and writers, to develop and lay down high-quality integrated promotions, events, and products and services.

• Familiarise and stay updated with the company's business model to understand the company's various Monetization techniques.

• Find ways to maximize revenue using the available user base, traffic, and technology.

• Test content using a before/after schema while analyzing results for a smoother user experience.

• Be able to attend planned virtual meetings via Google Meets, Zoom, or any other pre-discussed platform.

• Be able to build a sales team upon request.

• Identify potential partnerships that might boost the business yields and/or margins.

• Embed ads correctly.

• Develop unique strategies to boost performance and track monetization performance indicators.

• Ensure proper Monetisation strategies are set and adhered to with every intended service or product, including articles, Youtube, and other social media.


• The applicant should be competently analytical.

• Adept knowledge of working with and handling large amounts of data and numbers.

• The knowledge of spreadsheets (Google Sheets, Excel) and statistics.

• An experience with ads and Google AdWords.

• Either a degree in statistics, economics, business, management, or any documents proving competence in the role.

• He/she should have strong verbal and written communication skills.

• The experience and confidence to work with different teams and many stakeholders.

• A proven record of execution and full ownership of project plans.

• Interest in the monetary growth and expansion of businesses.

• Have access to Facebook messenger as the primary mode of communication.

• Have an active PayPal account as the primary mode of payment.

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