Position Executive Officer

We are looking for a self-starting, motivated individual to help with a startup company.  Training provided as needed.

You will report directly to the owner, taking on extra tasks that need to be done.

-$10.00 hr
-Remote and Onsite Necessary
-Paid bi-weekly as 1099
-We use PayPal for payment. You will need an account
-All training on processes will be provided if need

-This is our primary way of communication at this point
-Message James Fleming https://www.facebook.com/cpurepair785

-Ability to work independently without supervision
-Problem-solving via Google and another resource
-Ability to follow our standard operating procedures
-Work remotely and record time accurately
-Reliable Internet
-Reliable Computer
-Use Facebook Messaging daily
-Must use PayPal as Payment tracking. You will be given 1099 at the end of the year
-Writing Html Knowledge (https://www.w3schools.com/html/default.asp)
-Video Editing Software Knowledge
-Imaging Editing Software Knowledge
-Organized and Structured person
-Computer Savy (Windows 10/11)

-Attend meetings as requested remote and onsite as needed
-Facebook Messager
-Add / Modify Existing content as needed
-Ability to create agenda objective/deliverable
-Create new topics for the site genre
-Learn to use our content management system (C.M.S.) and help improve it
-Able to edit or learn to edit video, images, text, HTML, CSS using our -WYSIWYG (example editor https://www.tiny.cloud/) from the site
-Able to define content for our brands and make meaningful context -following SEO practices
-Quality Assurance (Q.A.) for our C.M.S.
-Find a free or paid version of images/other media for content post and C.M.S.
-You will help with Branding Identity based on our business model
-Creating Task List/Todo for not only yourself but everyone on the team as well
-Researching the "Enemy" for each brand so we can focus our message on how our brand is better than theirs
-You will help monetization needs by managing those resources as needed
-Editing Content: At the time, you will edit and modify the existing content text, images, videos...
-Create Site Context for noncontent pages. We need business and website policy kept up to date
-Queue Content for creation needs. Sometimes includes research in finding them
-Marketing in all forms from Q.A. to design etc
-Setting Up Authority needs so that the brand proceeds as an expert in its genre
-Creating/Auditing Business Documentation or S.O.P.
-Immersing Yourself into the brands

-Message James Fleming https://www.facebook.com/cpurepair785

-https://www.geek-computer.com : Primary Project
-https://www.guru-solutions.net : Secondary Project
-https://www.thoucurator.com : Project
-https://www.mychefguru.com : Project
-https://www.tesames.com : Content Management Site

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