How content is created for our company

Tesames is a place where great brands get to meet great writers. To get to know us better, we would like to peel back some of our layers and help you understand a bit of our content creation process.

Step 1: Applying with Us

Tesames typically advertises its open positions on Craigslist. Making an application with us is quite easy. First, writers will be redirected to our Facebook page for direct contact. We will then ask the candidate to write a sample topic to test their eligibility based on a simple topic. Once the article is reviewed and passed evaluation, the candidate signs a writer's agreement, is added to a private Facebook chat group and given a site login, and is finally introduced to the rest of the team.

Unsuccessful applicants are advised to try again after a few months. Tesames uses Facebook to create familiarity and to know exactly who we are hiring. Moreover, we aim to work as a team. Having a commonly accessible platform to communicate is very vital in building a strong team.

Step 2: Using The Facebook Group Chat

We use our group chat to share instant messages with the team and a dynamic platform for information exchange. With the help of this information avenue, Tesames can structure fast-paced and team-based conversations, unlike traditional forms of communication. Moreover, our group chat creates an advantage in the following ways:

  • Reduces unnecessary face-to-face meetings that affect company productivity. Many decisions can be made on a remote basis.
  • A group chat creates a collaborative approach to information sharing, a natural flowing stream of communication, and group participation to improve data quality.
  • We can share critical information with the whole team at once and coordinate their responses.
  • Group chats also create the space for multimedia support, where videos and images can further improve communication flow.
  • We also use our group chat to continue communication if our Content Management System (CMS) has an issue.

Step 3. Using the Content Management System

Each one of our writers has access to our CMS. The CMS is a space every writer has to familiarize with. Writers use this platform to create their writing profiles, including their payment details. The CMS is also where writers choose articles to write, submit them, and edit them for publishing. We guide and encourage our writers on how to add more writing topics from Google to the website.

Step 4. Writing and Reviews

Once successful candidates have been inducted into our Company, they are free to select an article to research and write on from our CMS. Tesames requires that every candidate write a minimum of 3 articles in a month under the special writing guidelines that we provide. These guidelines have been put to ensure that the authenticity and trustworthiness of the Company are maintained. Our interest is to give you the best.

Complete articles have to go through multiple stages of review before finally being accepted for publishing. Content that is original, well researched, relatable, and plagiarism-free is forwarded for publishing. The writer can then request another writing topic. Content that lacks some of the aforementioned elements will be returned for editing. If a document is returned for editing more than 3 times, it will affect the candidate's compensation.

Step 5: Publishing

We only pay writers for articles that are published. We also have the executive authority to determine whether any writer-submitted article should be published. Our Company also pays its writers per any multimedia published with their article. These images can also be adjusted by us based on how we see fit. All of this is stipulated in the contract agreement.

We own multiple websites, and our content is directed to one of them based on the topic and what we see fit for the brand. By agreeing to our Contract, writers give us the right to publish and reproduce the article however we see fit. 


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