KeywordChef: How to create a writing topic using

How to create a writing topic

Method 1 in Selection

In a browser go to 

In the text field fill a title

KeywordChef: How to create a writing topic using

after putting in text you will get a response

KeywordChef: How to create a writing topic using

Select "Get Keywords"

KeywordChef: How to create a writing topic using

You can then go over this and insert what you think would be a good topic.  Make sure you rephrase these as questions

Method 2 in Selection

This is a tutorial on how to select and phrase writer topics for the site.  Below is the process we use to preselect answer targets right off the bad for our documentation.

First pick a topic to silo, by this I mean a category or a grouping of content.  An example would be "Computer Ethics" in which you can then find all articles that relate to this topic.

  • Go to
  • Start typing anything about the computer you think would be a good question
  • You will notice Google starts trying to auto-fill the topic
    • KeywordChef: How to create a writing topic using
  • Select one of these google topics as you are typing
    • As a sub-topic/new topic, if you scroll all the way down on the google search page, you will see a list of other queries
      • KeywordChef: How to create a writing topic using
    • KeywordChef: How to create a writing topic using
  • Once the topic and subtopic are set, you can enter them in the roadmap. At the bottom of the page, you will see the "Submit my Idea."
    • KeywordChef: How to create a writing topic using
  • Some General Rules:
    • Don't use numbers in the title
    • Make all topic questions to be answered
    • Ensure you search the site for the topic you are generating to make sure we don't have duplicates.
    • Make sure the Topic belongs to the demographic to the site purpose
    • When choosing a topic, if it's new and not related to another already existing article, then we want to keep the topic at a broad spectrum for the category it goes in
      • E.g., If you wanted to cook an egg, the first topic subject might be "How do you cook an egg?" and later you might say as an add on to that category might be "How do you make scrambled egg on a campfire?" this is drilling down further on that one topic.
    • If you cannot turn the Topic into a question, request it to be deleted if it is already submitted.

Searchers Intent

While doing this you will need to be mindful of what the person is really asking for.  Generally speaking, we want only topics that don't have a lot of content created for them already.  You can tell this by doing a simple search and looking for how many sites come up and what type of site they are as these are your leading competitors for our content.

An example of this would be "what are computer binary number?"

KeywordChef: How to create a writing topic using

This topic would not be a good one because of the number of sites already ranking for it.

Now take this one "How do you not be ripped off buying a used computer"

KeywordChef: How to create a writing topic using

This one of the first few selections don't have a dedicated site that is niched to answer the question. and Reddit sites that show up as the first result are normally safe bet there is room to get our content ranked.

Our rating system is based on the information directly above in the Searchers Intent.

The rating for the article should be the number of times it shows up on the first page of Google.  In the top 10 websites skipping sponsored and advertising articles how many direct sites already talk about the query in question?  That number of article is the query rate.

How do you write an article for our CMS in general?

  1. We use a technique called the inverted triangle.  Your topic should target a high-level question for a beginner looking to understand their problem.  Our context should use words that match their ability with the question they ask.  For example, if they ask, "How do I remove a virus?" the context of your documentation should be written that someone that does not know how to operate a computer would want that information.  The general idea of removing a virus should be summarized in 3 to 4 sentence paragraphs and presented as the first thing on the page with an image.  This is what we call an answer target. 
    1. KeywordChef: How to create a writing topic using
  2. After your "Answer Target" is completed, you will then make a sub-topic supporting the main question asked in order of what this person would ask next to achieve their goal.  Make sub-topic for each area where necessary.
  3. After you have 3 to 5 sub-topic, you will dive deeper into the article with more subheadings for someone who knows what they are doing but needs a checklist of how as a reminder or the solution they can do without thinking about it.

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